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3 Tips about skin care and makeup that will make your session a worry-free success.

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

What if my skin is terrible?

1. Don't stress it! Pre-session stress and anxiety can cause skin breakouts. Knowing that you have hired an expert team to photograph you should put you at ease.

2. All that glitters is NOT gold. Although wearing makeup that has shine and glitter may be appealing to the eye, it is a look that is most unflattering through the lens of the camera and under professional lighting equipment. Each piece of glitter creates a bright spot on the face that usually needs to be retouched away.

3. What if the dreaded breakout occurs? Relax, there is no need to reschedule. Your professional photographic team should provide photographic makeup services to both correct flaws and enhance your own natural beauty.

Photographic makeup is a studied skill. You should be able to trust your photographer's makeup artist to handle all of your makeup needs.

“Even if your skin is less than ideal, professional makeup and post production can fix anything.

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