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Silverdale's best senior graduation portraits - guaranteed!

Graduating seniors from all the high schools in Kitsap agree that Nelsen's Photographic   Design is the studio to go to for a great time, great images and a great photo experience! 

We aim to exceed your expectations.

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Kierra Parrish OLY '21

"The Nelsen's were very creative and made my senior photo session a very memorable time".

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Angela Chen CK '21

"The Nelsen's perfectly captured how I envisioned my pictures to be.  It was so fun working with a great couple that made the whole experience stress free and exciting!"

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Rachel Newhard KSS '21

"I really enjoyed my session.  Cliff and Michelle made it very personal and treated me as part of the family.  Not only were they nice but they were very creative.  They came up with unique photos that worked for me.  Over all I loved working with them."

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Sarah Newhard KSS '21

"The photo session was a lovely experience.  From the moment it began till the moment it ended it was fun, comfortable, and friendly.  My session showed me and my personality and the Nelsen's made me feel confident.  It was a warm atmosphere which included creative photos and an overall great experience."

Professional Headshots - Nelsen's

Kylie Smith KSS '20

"The Nelsen's went above and beyond to make my senior photos fun and memorable!  Cliff and Michelle are very professional and did a fantastic job capturing my personality through their photography."

Professional Headshots - Nelsen's

Ashley Castro NK '20

"Working with Cliff and Michelle was an amazing experience and so much fun! They were so friendly and easy to work with.  I'm so happy I had the chance to work with them for my senior photos!"

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Kaiden Black CK '20

"I had so much fun working with the Nelsens; they made the whole experience so exciting!"

Professional Headshots - Nelsen's

Kaiden Black CK '20

"I had so much fun working with the Nelsens; they made the whole experience so exciting!"

Professional Headshots - Nelsen's

MacKenzie Shorter CK '19

"Working with Nelsen's was such an awesome experience! Throughout the process of getting my makeup done and during the shoot, they really seemed to capture my personality.  I felt comfortable and at ease while out taking photos and they made it such a fun day!  I loved it!"

Professional Headshots - Nelsen's

Madison Thompson KSS '19

"Working with Cliff and Michelle was a blast!  Both made the shoot really fun and a chill time!"

Professional Headshots - Nelsen's

Maya Sevillano NK '19

"My photoshoot with the Nelsen's was an experience like no other. They really made taking the photos fun and stress free."

Professional Headshots - Nelsen's

Alexa Parrish OLY '19

"The photoshoot was full of support and encouragement, it was a fun experience.  I'm glad I had the opportunity to be a Nelsen's model."

Professional Headshots - Nelsen's

Alyssa Nuno CK '18

"The Nelsen's made the experience fun and were very friendly.  They made me feel at home."

Professional Headshots - Nelsen's

Samantha Blocher KSS '18

"I am so impressed by the high quality that the Nelsen's produce. They work so hard to personalize every shoot. They took so much time to get to know my daughter and capture her real personality."

                                                     Mary Blocher (Samantha's mom)

Professional Headshots - Nelsen's

Brooke Stahl CK '18

"It was an amazing photoshoot filled with laughter, fun and lots of memories. I couldn't image working with anyone other than the Nelsens!"

Professional Headshots - Nelsen's

Rozelle Rubio CK '18

"The Nelsens really made me feel at home right when I walked through the door of the studio. It was such an enjoyable and memorable experience that I am so excited to work with them again!"

Studio Photography - Nelsen's Photo

Sophia Hagstromer BI '17

"Lovely people to work with and an overall great time!"

Studio Photography - Nelsen's Photo

Rachel Albertson SK '17

"Thank you so much for the amazing experience!  You guys made my senior pictures so fun and I can't wait to see them  Thanks for making this time so memorable."

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Nelsen's Photographic's Style Guides for Senior Boys and Girls!

If you are like most seniors, you don't know what to wear for your session. You are worried about if my outfits are in style? What colors look best on me? What styles go well with my body type?  For that matter, what is my body type? Well, we are here to answer your questions and concerns. We have developed a SENIOR STYLE GUIDE that we will connect you with that will help you when deciding on which outfits to bring for your session. Get the guide today so you can look your absolute best on your big day at Nelsen's.

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