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Family Style Guide - 16 pages!

What Should We Wear?

This is the first question people ask before their session. Well, we hear you and we have just the thing to answer that question (and it's a real concern with family groups).

We have created a 16 page comprehensive style guide for you and your family! We have covered everything to help you prepare for your session day. 

  • Wardrobe tips

  • How to dress to flatter your unique body type

  • The colors that best compliment your skin tone

  • How to determine your personal style

  • And much more!

How does this all work and how much?

That's the second question that people ask before the session. Again, we hear you. First, when you're ready to schedule a photo-shoot, contact us and we'll help you choose a session that's right for your family. Then we'll set a day and time on our calendar.  On the session day, we'll work (and have fun) with your family to create outstanding images that everyone will love. At the end of the session, we'll set a day and time for you (and anyone who is part of the decision making process) to come back to our studio and view the images from the shoot.  We'll also go over of all of the products that we offer and send you home with our detailed price package to study before your viewing appointment.

At the viewing appointment, we will present the images to you on our large 65" screen.  We will guide you through a very easy "picking out your favorite poses" process.  After you have decided on the images you can't live without, we will match them to one of our made-for-families print collections.  Our collections start at 299. We have many exciting products that you and your family will love. There are no minimum orders, you are free to purchase whatever you wish.

Usually, your order will be completed within a few weeks after you have placed your order. We make it easy.

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