Don't Let This Senior Year Go By Without Leaving Your Mark

Awesome senior photography for discriminating high school seniors
 in and around Kitap/Silverdale, WA.

PERSOnal Attention

totally fun experience

engaging creative process

As a senior, you are a unique individual; not just a group member.

We understand and celebrate that every senior has their own district look, personality, and style.

  • Worried that your senior session won't be a fun and memorable experience?
  • Concerned about being awkward in front of the camera?
  • Are my images going to reflect the real me?


I really enjoyed my session. Cliff and Michelle made it very personal and treated me as part of the family. Not only were they nice but they were very creative. They came up with unique photos that worked for me. Overall I loved working with them.

Rachel NewHard - kss

The Nelsen's perfectly captured how I envisioned my pictures to be. It was so fun working with a great couple that made the whole experience stress free and exciting!

Angela Chen - CK

The Nelsen's were very creative and made my senior photo session a very memorable time.



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A short phone call is the the easiest and quickest way to plan your senior's session and answer any questions you may have.  Click the link below to schedule.



We will utilize a variety of locations, sets, outfits, to ensure we capture all of your senior's personality and style. And we'll be sure to throw in some fun to boot!



We will present your images to you at our studio and assist you in selecting your favorite poses for creating awesome artwork for your home and family. Easy and fun.

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What Next?

The next questions are how much will it cost, and when can you schedule a session.

We offer many senior-orientated products for both the discriminating senior and family such as Neo-Classic coffee table albums, senior music videos, wall portraits, canvas wraps, folios and more.

We've included some tips below to help you with choosing the right senior photographer. Also, about how we can help you not only capture this moment in time, but preserve the memories for the future. Just click the link below.

Tips and Prices

We are Cliff and Michelle Nelsen. Working with seniors is such a joy and thrill ride. No two seniors are alike and that individualism sparks our collective creativity to the max. We have photographed thousands of Kitsap’s seniors over the years and love every opportunity we get the work with these amazing young people. We are here to help you look and feel your best.

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